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Ectropion Repair

Ectropion is a condition that results in the eyelid (most commonly the lower one) rolling outward or hanging away from the eye. It results most often from the loosening of the lower eyelid/cheek tissues that can occur with aging of the face. There is a spectrum of severity of ectropion, ranging from laxity of the lower eyelid (being able to significantly pull the eyelid away from the eye) to actual eversion (turning out) of the eyelid. Ectropion can also be a result of trauma, radiation, or previous surgery to the eyelids or face.

As a result of ectropion, you may have tearing (due to poor pumping of the eyelid during blinking), dryness (due to abnormal lubrication of the eye during blinking), irritation, improper closure of the eye (still seeing the eyeball when the eye is closed) and an abnormal appearing lower eyelid (red and thickened). Sometimes having a poorly positioned eyelid can put the eye in danger of drying out and getting an infection.

Surgery to correct ectropion is very effective and can be done in our office procedure room or in the operating room. The procedure is performed with the eyelid numb and often after you have been given some sedation. There are a variety of techniques to correct ectropion, all of which address the abnormal laxity of the eyelid. There is typically minimal scarring once the eyelid is healed. Board-certified, fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Katherine J. Zamecki, MD, FACS, will discuss with you which procedure is best for you and what to expect in the first few weeks after surgery.

Ectropion repair is often covered by insurance. Call 203-791-2020 to schedule your ectropion evaluation with Katherine J. Zamecki, MD, FACS.