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Entropion Repair

Entropion is a condition that results in the eyelid (most commonly the lower one) rolling inward, causing the eyelashes to rub on the ocular surface. Not only is this uncomfortable, but can lead to an infection in the cornea (corneal ulcer). Patients often experience tearing, foreign body sensation, mucous discharge, and redness. The surgical technique to repair entropion is very effective. Surgery can be performed in the office or in the operating room. There are minimal discomforts and downtime associated with the procedure. Board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeon Dr.  Zamecki performs several hundred eyelid procedures a year and will be happy to evaluate you and customize a surgical plan.

Entropion repair is often covered by insurance. Call 203-791-2020 to schedule your blepharoplasty evaluation with  Katherine J. Zamecki, MD, FACS.