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Floppy Eyelids

Some people over the course of their life develop very loose upper and/or lower eyelids. It is more commonly seen in overweight men but affects many who do not fall into that category. There is an association between floppy eyelids and obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous condition in which people stop breathing for short periods of time during sleep. People who are suspected of having sleep apnea should have further testing ordered by their primary care physician. When associated with chronic irritation, ocular discharge, chronic conjunctivitis, redness of the eyes, tearing and foreign body sensation, and topical medications no longer help, floppy eyelids can be surgically corrected. Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and results in minimal to no scarring and minimal downtime. For more information on sleep apnea, please visit the National Institute’s website.

Floppy eyelid repair is often covered by insurance. Call 203-791-2020 to schedule your eyelid evaluation with Katherine J. Zamecki, MD, FACS.