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Blepharoptosis, or “ptosis” for short, is a condition where the upper eyelid edge droops down a variable amount. This results in part of the pupil being covered and the eye(s) appearing smaller. Many patients notice decreased peripheral vision and decreased contrast sensitivity. Reading and driving may be difficult because of the droopy eyelid position. In some cases, the eye may even close on its own.

Ptosis can affect one or both eyelids, depending on the cause. There are many causes of ptosis, including neurologic and muscular causes. By far the most common cause is due to age-related changes within the eyelid.

Ptosis can be fixed with surgery, either through the eyelid crease at the front of the eyelid, or from the underside of the eyelid. Which technique is appropriate for you will be determined during exam in the office and will be discussed in detail with you prior to surgery. The end result is eyes that are more wide open, improved peripheral vision, improved contrast sensitivity and improved appearance of the eyelids.

Ptosis surgery is very often covered by insurance. Call 203-791-2020 to schedule your ptosis evaluation with Katherine J. Zamecki, MD, FACS.